Between the Shelves - Anime & Manga Podcast

Between the Shelves is an anime and manga podcast hosted by Zach of Uchuu Shelf and Callum of OnTheShelf, discussing various topics in anime, manga, and everything between.

22:04:53 2021-08-11
BLEACH IS BACK, BABY! Zach and Callum sit down and chat about the newest Bleach one-shot, the upcoming Thousand Year Blood War anime, the brand new Bleach arc, and reminisce about our favourite parts and characters of Tite Kubo’s shonen masterpiece ...
52:42 2021-07-19
On this episode of Between the Shelves, Zach and Callum dive into their experiences being UK-based manga collectors and manga fans during the pandemic, which has caused an massive shortage in the availability of manga throughout the west. NOTE: There are ...
22:11:37 2021-04-05
While we make you wait for the next monthly manga club, we decided to bring our good friend Allonsyyy on the podcast to chat about a manga the three of us have been absolutely obsessed with – Shuzo Oshimi’s latest smash hit ‘Blood on the...
22:04:50 2021-02-02
Between the Shelves is back, and we’re kicking off the first podcast of 2021 with a brand new segment – Monthly Manga Club – where users can vote on one of three manga that we have to read and discuss in the next episode. We also chatted...
49:05 2021-01-31
Callum & Zach braved the pandemic to hang out, watch Promare, and run through memory lane on our favourite Gainax/Trigger anime.
22:05:55 2021-01-31
Callum and Zach chat about their experiences growing up with anime & manga, and how what anime they watched and manga they read as kids affected their tastes today!
22:36:27 2019-11-14
Callum and Zach discuss the best anime from each year from 2010 - 2019, and the anime of the decade. We also chat about our convention experiences, and the newest season of Psycho Pass!
22:20:10 2019-09-22
Callum and Zach explore the works of Inio Asano, famous for such manga as Goodnight Punpun, Dead Dead Demons DeDeDe De Destruction, Solanin, and more! We also briefly chat about Shuzo Oshimi, Gantz, Berserk, and why A Girl on the Shore is one of the harde...